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Meet Lucy DeFruscio, our new Social Media Specialist

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Posted by Lucy DeFruscio

Aug 29, 2017 6:32:51 PM

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If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would you pick?

I would pick team-oriented.

Why? Well, I’m a coach’s kid and the youngest of four who learned the “team player” mentality at a young age. Life for me has always been defined as a member of a team, whether it be athletically, academically, professionally, or socially.


Two years ago I graduated from Wheeling Jesuit University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a minor in English. Following college, I recently completed my master’s degree in Media Communication at Point Park University in Pittsburgh.

Em-Media is my newest team. My role is the Social Media Specialist where I strategize and execute digital marketing plans for clients to help guide them into an understanding of how valuable an online presence is for marketing in the digital age.

I make sure brands stay relevant and active. To help them grow, I advise that they post content consistently, stay up-to-date with social trends, and engage with followers to discuss products or services to reach a wider audience.  

What’s important to note about my role is that it’s linked to all specializations at Em-Media. I work with Account Executives on grasping a client’s brand while I also generate Facebook content ideas with the Digital team.

Em-Media is a successful team because the people buy into their specific roles and perform them well as a cohesive unit. Each team member is working to make Em-Media a more successful and dynamic brand.

In addition to my job at Em-Media, I am a newcomer to the high school basketball coaching scene after completing my collegiate playing career. I’m an assistant coach at Wheeling Park High School. #GoPark

Wheeling Park Girls Basketball team

Coaching and working with clients have many similarities. When I help prepare my team for a game, our style of play remains a constant, but we adapt our game plan based on our opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Social media follows a similar concept.

Not all clients are created equally. To perform my job well, I must understand a client’s brand identity and target audience so I can tailor a social media marketing campaign that fits the client’s specific needs for increased engagement and to help build a following.


The coolest part about my job is that I get to represent a variety of businesses and organizations throughout my work week. I’m constantly switching from voice to voice, publishing content, and strategizing ways to keep my audience engaged and interested in a brand’s identity and offerings.

My goal is to use my natural ability to coach Em-Media clients about social media to help them learn about the digital age and enhance their online presence. With the help of my teammates at Em-Media, I know this next team will be the best one yet!

Connect with me on social today! Find me on Facebook and LinkedIn and follow me, @lucydefruscio, on Twitter and Instagram. Or you can click the social icons at the top of this page next to my byline. 

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