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EGCC: Branding and Style Guide

Just the Facts

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Style Guide

*Campuses included two physical campuses as well as an online campus community.

EGCC: The Story

The Backstory

The story of Eastern Gateway Community College starts in 1966. It was originally Jefferson County Technical Institute but changed its name to Jefferson Technical College in 1977. In 1995, it became a community college and changed its name accordingly to Jefferson Community College. It changed its name to Eastern Gateway Community College in 2009 when it expanded its services beyond Jefferson County into the Youngstown region of Ohio.

When EGCC came to us in early 2016, the constant changes along with the recent expansion had left their brand inconsistent and confused. There was no consistency in messaging, signage, logos, colors, or marketing materials. We expressed our concern that these inconsistencies would irreparably damage their image and story if not addressed, and we were given the green light to produce a unified branding and style guide that would act as the benchmark and official document that would help move the college forward.

The Action

Design and Production

Our team has been working with administration since late spring to develop guidelines and acceptable practices. The following is a short list of what was produced:

  • how campuses are referenced both internally and externally
  • spelling for frequently used and ambiguous words
  • acceptable logo usage and corresponding colors and hex codes for printed materials
  • communication and production workflows
  • approved designs for: letterhead, business cards, powerpoint, email signatures, etc.

When the first draft was completed, decision makers from the college’s administration were brought to EM for an afternoon to go through it page-by-page and offer feedback. We have learned from over 20 years of experience that a new brand launch or rebranding must get internal buy-in before it is presented to the public. After the meeting, edits were made and are currently awaiting final approval.

To Be Continued …

Once the final style guide and design elements are approved, Em will work with the administration at EGCC to distribute the branding guide to all faculty and staff. Once distributed, we will work with EGCC to compile a list of approved vendors and set about printing new business card and other marketing materials such as letterhead that implement the new brand rigor.

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