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GKT: Time Sensitive Digital Marketing Campaign

Just the Facts


GKT: The Story


On Saturday, August 27, 2016, a rail car holding approximately 30,000 gallons of pressurized liquid chlorine ruptured at a local chemical plant. The resulting toxic chlorine cloud caused the evacuation of nearby communities by county officials. When officials allowed residents to return to their homes that evening, they reported corrosion to their homes and vehicles as well as dead vegetation including many trees. There were also reports of respiratory issues manifesting in the elderly population that were not able to evacuate fast enough.

Gold, Khourey & Turak reached out to us to help them put together a timely campaign that would help get fair compensation for those negatively affected by the spill. GKT wanted to be the first to address the spill and offer assistance since it happened in their community and they felt they were best suited to help.

Rising Action

The biggest challenge of this funnel build was the fact that we were on the clock due to the timely nature of the spill. When we build our funnels, we use a modified backward design model adopted from education curriculum methodology. We built our forms and thank you pages, landing pages, and calls to action while other members of our team worked with GKT on the messaging and content for the blog, landing pages, and social posts.


Our inbound marketing team built a simple funnel that would lead from a boosted social media post that featured the blog post written by one of the attorneys at GKT to a landing page developed specifically for victims of the chemical spill in the surrounding communities. Visitors could either input their information or call the firm directly from a provided phone number.

Content and Social

Our Content team worked with GKT to formulate messaging for the blog, press release, landing page copy, as well as the social captions. We wanted the tone to sound professional while getting across the true concern that the firm was feeling for the residents of the surrounding communities.

To Be Continued …

Because of the nature of this project, there hasn’t been a lot of upkeep after a few weeks of monitoring. What was most important was that our team learned that we could execute against the clock when we needed to and still get amazing results for our clients.

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