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Trinity Health System: The Story


Trinity Health System has been a client of ours for many years and we’ve had award-winning results with patient-funnels in the past. For the Trinity Professional Group our goals were to educate the community about what they should look for in a primary care physician (PCP) and why having a PCP is important while providing an easy path to being matched with a doctor that fits their unique situation.

Rising Action


EM’s production team began filming more than 30 doctor interviews back in early fall 2016. These short videos serve as the main fuel that drive traffic to the Trinity Professional Group subpage. Each video features a different doctor or nurse practitioner talking about their story and their individual perspective on what makes the Trinity Professional Group the right choice. Throughout the fall months, we tested the videos on Facebook to ensure that they were effective before refocusing them for the attraction phase of the patient-funnel.

Inbound Marketing:

The inbound marketing team set to work designing a funnel that would be simple and slippery. The subpage opens with a hero image and CTA to immediately “Get Matched with a Doctor”. If the visitor is not ready, the messaging on the page explains what the Trinity Professional Group is and takes a very personal tone that reads like a personal letter. This was an intentional decision based on research that it is most often the mother or wife that is researching and finding doctors for the family, and the most important thing to a mother in this position is feeling a sense of trust and care for their unique circumstances.

The CTAs at the bottom of the page provide another opportunity to be matched with a doctor or to download a "Free Guide to Choosing the Right Doctor". The opportunity to be matched with a doctor moves the user to a form where they will be contacted by someone within the TPG. If the user downloads the guide, they are entered into an email marketing workflow over the next month that links back to the doctor-matching landing page along with the content offer they originally acted on.


The content team produced a series of six blogs that served as the secondary fuel for the patient funnel and were aimed at different audiences looking for doctors in the Trinity Professional Group. These blogs were keyworded and boosted on Facebook with links directing readers toward the TPG subpage and patient-funnel.

Social Media

As part of every funnel-build at EM, we architect 30 days worth of strategic social media posts of both original and curated content that aligns with the intersection of the funnel's intention and the intended audience. In addition to boosting our videos and blogs, we curated articles having to do with family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, and OBGYN. Trinity Health System is not active on Twitter, so we produced five posts per week for four weeks.

To Be Continued …

Over the coming months, we’ll watch the numbers and conversion rates on the TPG landing pages and forms. Once a quarter, we’ll conduct some A-B testing on those sections that we feel could perform better and continue to add fuel through the videos our production team created as well as timely blogs when the opportunities present themselves.

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